Copies FYI, Inc.

Your Privacy and Health Record Security is Important to Us
We focus on each individual request and authorization, giving our undivided attention, without distraction to protect the confidentiality of protected health information.

COPIES-F.Y.I. is a local, free Release of Information Service. Our team is comprised of Health Information Professionals that comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, HITECH, patient confidentiality, and state/federal statutes. Emphasis on protecting patient's health information is our primary objective while processing requests efficiently and accurately within guidelines of the laws.

We can assist you with release of:

* Electronic Records
* Records with Patient Consent
* Records without Patient Consent
* Access to Minor's Records
* Medical Records by Subpoena and Court Order
* Workers Compensation Records
* HIV/AIDS Patient Records
* Behavioral/Mental Health Records
* Substance Abuse Patient Records

Our ROI services improve your ROI by saving your staff time and reducing manager workloads.

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Privately Held

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