About iTutor
Headquartered in New York, iTutor Inc. is a team of highly seasoned professionals who have created a solution that unlocks & optimizes the learning potential of students from all over the world. The company offer the most effective tools designed for online tutoring and distance learning, to help students of all ages and education levels achieve their educational goals.

iTutor Mandate
We believe that education is an unalienable right that should be granted to every child. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are a number of geographical and physical obstacles that prevent students from getting the education they deserve. iTutor solves a number of these obstacles. For example transportation and conflicting schedules often prevent students from getting that one-on-one help they desperately need. Students these days are often more busy than their parents with less means of getting it all done. iTutor strives to ease these obstacles and make education fun, enjoyable and most importantly, effective. iTutor achieves all of this while still being more cost effective than traditional tutoring. No really, send us a competitor’s invoice, we will beat it.

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