Strategic HR Consulting

Strategic HR Consulting (SHRC) knows that running a business requires a balancing act, especially when it comes it comes to dealing with your human capital. Organizations have to focus on profitability, but it must also satisfy its organizational needs and policies, its workforce, and ensure legal compliance.

SHRC is here to help!

By being a cost-effective extension of your human resources department (added knowledge and manpower, without the added cost of payroll and costly benefits), we can help you focus on your profitability by helping you become efficient, proactive, and protect you from costly, burdensome lawsuits in this litigious environment.

SHRC can help organizations with the following (but not limited to):

- employee handbook
- business plan
- recruitment/staffing
- benefits management
- payroll
- development of a recruitment and retention plan
- workman's compensation
- unemployment

For individuals, SHRC can help you with:

- resume composition or review/revision
- grad school application
- interview preparation

SHRC can also assist you with logo creation to effectively convey the company's business and mission.

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