The LazyProgrammer is a data scientist, big data engineer, and full stack software engineer. He is especially interested in deep learning and neural networks. Some also refer to this as AI, or artificial intelligence.

The LazyProgrammer got his start in machine learning and data science by learning about computational neuroscience and neural engineering. The physics aspect has always interested him but the practical nature of machine learning and data science has made up a majority of his work.

After spending years in the office, he began to focus 100% of his effort on deepening his knowledge of machine learning and data science. He now works with startups and larger companies to set up data pipelines and engineer predictive models that result in meaningful insights and data-driven decision making.

The LazyProgrammer also loves to teach. He has helped many adults looking to change their career path and dive into the startup and tech world. Students at General Assembly, the Flatiron School, and App Academy have all benefitted from his help. He has also helped many graduate students at various ivy leagues and other colleges through their machine learning and data science programs.

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