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CoolTrader Pro is a computer software sales and marketing company specializing in CoolTrade robotic stock trading software.

Robotic Stock Trading software is a form artificial intelligence technology referred to as the next generation of automated stock trading. The first robotic trading system was pioneered by CoolTrade, Inc. company founder/developer Ed Barsano. In contrast with automated systems that execute trade orders once, a robotic trader is capable of executing a user-defined trading strategy continuously and instantaneously without user intervention. The robotic trader acts as a trading surrogate to monitor complex stock market indicators and other conditions affecting trade outcomes. The ability to trade in "stealth mode" is also a key distinction between automated and robotic trading systems. As the computerized stealth-based robot is able to detect conditions before a human trader can, robotic stock trading has become increasingly popular with "Day-Traders" / "Scalpers" who rely on speed of execution to repeatedly take profit on stock fluctuations throughout a trading session.

The CoolTrade system has grown in popularity through partnerships with leading industry firms including TD AMERITRADE, MB Trading, Interactive Brokers, OptionsHouse, and (Jim Cramer Actions Alerts Plus!). CoolTrade currently supports clients in 40 countries.

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