Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions

Welcome to Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions (AIMS)!
We chose this name for our innovative naturopathic clinic as our AIMS are to help patients achieve their best health using expert, safe and effective naturopathic care.

Naturopathic medicine is an wonderful field of medicine where physicians are trained and experienced in both standard and alternative medicine. Physicians at AIMS do comprehensive intakes and physical exams with patients, investigate lab work, and can prescribe standard imaging such as ultrasounds, x-ray, CT scans or MRI to help diagnose the reasons patients are unwell.

Naturopathic physicians also, however, use many non-standard evaluations with patients, from diet diaries, to innovative lab work, to IgG blood drawn food sensitivity testing, to stool analysis, breath tests, and many other medically supported tests which help an ND pinpoint reasons patients are unwell and give specific guidance on how to set up healing protocols which eradicate the causes for disease and stimulate the patient's body to heal.

Please review our website and learn about naturopathic medicine, about the skilled physicians at Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions, and how AIMS is a unique clinic where we will work positively to maximize the health of you and your family.

We welcome all new and returning patients!




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