Sewer Equipment Company of America

Back in 1941, H.T. O’Brien of Chicago, Illinois founded a small business in the basement of his home. It all started with the design of a small hand operated tool that was built to better clean drains. This tool was comprised of a short coiled cable attached to a hand drill. The flexible cable allowed the tool to navigate around turns and bends and better attack the blockage. This innovation gave birth to a company that became a leader in the manufacture of sewer and drain cleaning equipment. Over the years, the O’Brien family has continued to grow the business with continued improvements in their line of truck jets, trailer jets, easement machines, hydro-excavators, vacuum units, bucket machines, mechanical rodders and tools.

Some noteworthy innovations that the Sewer Equipment Company of America has offered to the market place include the first trailer mounted jet with a rotating hose reel, the 800-HPR truck jet with its patented all- weather design, the first jet-tv system using umbilical cord technology, the first mid-size Hydro Excavator (Ram-Vac HX-6), and the first easement machine with hydraulic push-out wheels…just to name a few.

Three additional brand names have flourished under the Sewer Equipment leadership: Mongoose Jetters, Ram-Vac vacuum units, and Smart Nozzles.

Today, we realize that innovation alone will not carry the day. We strive for the highest quality in all of the equipment we build. We also understand that a great product is nothing without great service after the sale. We stand behind our equipment with an expert customer service staff and a nationwide dealer network that is second to none.

It is our promise that we will continue to bring new innovations, build the highest quality American Made products, and provide world class service to our customers.




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