the Forum for Business & Consumer Psychology

The Forum for Business and Consumer Psychology is for academics and practitioners, from a Marketing, Psychology or Business background, who would like to explore new and non-traditional ways of approaching business and marketing problems.
The aim of the Forum is to develop into a respected cooperative where members can share healthy discussions of ideas and from these, develop new and creative ways of looking at current and future business dilemmas.
The Forum publishes a Journal biannually:
“The non-Significant Journal of Business and Consumer Psychology”, not only recognises the dominant publication bias in current Psychology Journals, but sets out to challenge the one-sided scholarly emphasis on the rational side of human nature. This blind following of the ‘Apollonian‘ dogma, internalised from Classical Greek culture, denies any fuller explanation or understanding of the human experience, which must at least equally deal with the ‘Dionysian’ forces of the human soul and take into account our passion and irrationality.

The philosophy of the Forum and the Journal is to be eclectic and challenging, with an approach more kaleidoscopic than systematic, and thereby perhaps more controversial and provocative, but certainly aiming to give air to creative and inspirational ideas rather than ‘significant’ results obtained through ever more complex manipulations of linear statistical equations.




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