Humalytica Analytics

Humalytica Analytics brings human thinking back to the solution space.

At Humalytica Analytics, we draw out the customer's business case and piercingly pull it apart, painstakingly perform requirements analysis, deliberately develop and correcting analytics objective, and then aptly apply an appropriate solution technique and methodology.

At Humalytica Analytics, we do not use a single analytic technique or methodology, nor do we champion a single software tool. Instead, our favorite techniques, methods and tools are the ones appropriate for achieving and analytics solution that provides right decision support to the customer.

At Humalytica Analytics, we have experts in applied analytics, operations research and management science. We are well versed in predictive modeling, discrete-event simulation, agent based modeling, deep learning, supervised and unsupervised machine learning and many other analytic techniques. Our methods include descriptive and inferential statistics, logistic regression, robust regression, auto-neural networks (ANN), cluster analysis, decision and classification trees, random forests and others. We are expert users of SAS, SPSS, R, Python, and so on.

Before the digital minds have the opportunity to fail you, call on Humalytica Analytics!

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