Safety and Ecology Corporation

SEC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. organizes its service offerings into eight core competencies: (1) Facility Deactivation, Decontamination, and Demolition (D&D) and Site Closure; (2) Environmental Safety and Health (Radiological, Health Physics, Environmental, Safety and Health Services); (3) Emergency Response (Hurricane Relief to Anti-terrorism); (4) Environmental Engineering and Consultancy; (5) Federal Facility Advanced Construction; (6) Environmental and Instrumentation Technology; and (7) Waste Management.

SEC has completed the demolition of more than 175 facilities containing hazardous and radioactive materials since 1995 and has consequently established a process, team, and safety culture to assure project completion. Our capabilities include: project investigation; radiological pre-engineering; demolition planning; removing above ground structures and structural components; storing, testing, certifying, processing, and shipping nuclear waste; and abatement of hazardous materials (Be, Pb, ACM, PCB, and mercury among others). SEC maintains expertise in performing work in all applicable state and federal regulations and guidance.


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