Chitwan Online FM

Chitwan Online FM is the first Online Hosted FM from Chitwan. This Fm is offering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week music around the world. It fired up with programs that were focused on pop music, women, celebrity and fashion.
Our Motto:
Credible news, balances views and healthy entertainment.

Our Vision:
:: To preserve nationality
:: To safeguard social values and
:: To promote civil rights
:: We believe a well informed society is the backbone of a prosperous nation.

Our Mission:
To focus on bringing forward quality programs both to entertain and inform the audiences. We are dedicated to providing credible, unbiased and accurate information and serving the nation as a watchdog. We are also committed towards fostering democracy and reinforcing the right to information, freedom of expression and liberty.

Types of Music Played on Chitwan Online FM
:: Pop
:: Classic Rock
:: Modern Rock
:: Jazz
:: Blues
:: Rap/ Reggae/ Hip Hop/ Dance
:: Nepali pop, rock, modern, film soundtracks, folk, bhajans, classics
:: Hindi pop, film soundtracks , ghazals, bhajans
:: Eastern classical music (instrumental)




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Company type: 

Public Company

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