AlphaGen Materials

AlphaGen Materials Inc. manufactures and sells Cerarmix, a polymer metallic-ceramic material that can be used as a coating on a variety of surfaces or in the manufacture of individual parts and components. Cerarmix can be used to either repair existing infrastructure or to build new products with dramatically superior physical attributes than competitive alternatives. Specifically, the abrasion, erosion, and corrosion prevention attributes of Cerarmix, as well as its fire resistance, makes this product ideal for use in many applications including:

• Concrete, Composite or Steel Pipes and Tanks
• Coal and Nuclear Power Industry – plants, pipes, and equipment
• Oil and Gas Industry - refineries, tanks, equipment and transport
• Infrastructure – water and sewer plants and pipes, concrete structures, utility poles etc.
• Residential and Commercial - building panels, floors, roofs, pools, pallets, etc.
• Any/all industrial and consumer products currently using fiber reinforced plastics


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