We are a colletivity of free professionals, senior experts in architecture, interior design, landscape, ingeniering, design,... in ideas.
Our link is a desire to share our knowledges and experience in a philantropic way. We want to give- back to society at least a small part of what we´ve received in an easy way: helping to resolve problems, proposing solutions,... free of charge.
"free-ideas" offers "ideas for free "
we would like to help you to improve the space where you live in...
your house, apartment, building, garden, office, business, street or town
if you don´t like it or it doesn´t work fine, if you are tired or bored..., we help you think or dream of how to change it,... and if you decide to make this dream come true, we´ll even help you to build it.
Thats why we do it through "free-ideas": we hope to remain anonimous as a selfless habit for this project.
As a compensation for our ideas we just ask for solidarity.
Of course we all work and live from our projects so, if at the end of the road you decide to hire our professional services, it will be easy to find us.

If you are a free professional that shares these ideas, join us, contact "free-ideas" too.
We need your help worldwide .




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Non Profit

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