RevEquip provides Revit services to the design community including project conversions, Revit content creation and training. Autodesk’s Revit software is a three dimensional design software embraced by building design professionals. Due to the benefits from preconstruction and overall costs savings, Revit is becoming a BIM software of choice for many and is replacing the need for AutoCAD and other two dimensional software. The three dimensional electronic icons build in Revit are called “families” and include parametric information, constraints, options and accessories.

As Commercial Kitchen Designer Dennis Martinez began working in Revit in 2007, he quickly realized it was very difficult to locate quality Revit content to include in his projects. Consequently, other designers also couldn’t include certain equipment in projects because the content simply wasn’t available. Dennis recognized this demand and found Manufacturers would be happy to provide to designers with Revit content so their equipment could be better specified. In 2010, Dennis and a group of engineers, business professionals, designers and Revit experts came together to form RevEquip, LLC as a Revit content provider. As the demand for Revit content increased, the Foodservice Consultants Society International created a Revit taskforce to establish industry standards for Revit content in the Foodservice Industry. Dennis was a founding member of the Taskforce and continues to play an integral role in keeping the standards current.

Although the RevEquip team has a background in Foodservice Design and most content in their portfolio is Foodservice related, they provide services to other industries. RevEquip has built Revit Symbols for over 10,000 Equipment models since its inception and that number continues to multiple increasingly with no sign of the demand subsiding.

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