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ScanOne was originally designed for use in education, developed for pre-schools, boarding schools, truancy monitoring and more. ScanOne can help educational institutes promote the safety of their students and encourage attendance. The ScanOne system is foolproof – and no one can forget or lose their fingerprint access!

After successful integration in schools it quickly became clear that ScanOne technology is also ideal for companies and commercial sites needing to track the flow of a large number of people through the premises. ScanOne is an excellent business resource that will save time, costs and increase efficiency.

- Eliminate the need for paper reporting and pin numbers, passwords, timesheets or even leave requests. ScanOne is an all-in-one system that uses unique fingerprints as identifiers.
- Easily generate reports from the ScanOne system. There is no need to create reports on attendance or truancy. ScanOne can generate a range of meaningful reports to easily see real data.
- Secure, foolproof system. ScanOne has 24/7 support, a secure, customisable system, and fingerprint technology that cannot be bypassed or cheated. It’s simply the most foolproof way to keep track of attendance at your site.

ScanOne has applications in many different industries, including boarding schools, rest homes, commercial or industrial sites, secure facilities and more.

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