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Pro-Admin Office Solutions provides administrative support to busy executives, and is conveniently located in the Houston area. We are NOT a temp agency. Instead, we are a professional, cost-effective alternative to a temp agency. We work from our own office to provide top quality service to alleviate administrative overflow to small or medium-sized businesses. We can also function as the sole or initial support system for solopreneurs, startups, and home-based businesses. The good thing is that we work only when you need us - and you pay us only for the hours that we work.

We offer quick turnaround and professional expertise in a variety of business areas. Our members are trained in the latest word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database and desktop publishing software developments; corporate and private event planning services; and most importantly customer service. Our clients outsource tasks such as bookkeeping, advertising, clerical, Internet research, data entry, client and contact management, travel planning, event coordination, editing and proofreading, scheduling and calendar management, data entry, transcription, word processing, PowerPoint and spreadsheet creation, database management - the list goes on.

You hire professionals for everything else: medical, dental, legal, electrical, plumbing, etc. Why would you try to tackle your business needs alone? The professionals at Pro-Admin are virtual assistants -- independent contractors who provide administrative support and specialized business services from a distance, such as through the Internet, by fax, by phone or by another method of communication. Our services can be used on an overflow basis or as the client's only administrative resource, eliminating the need for paying full-time administrative staff or an expensive temporary agency.

Eliminate the administrative backlog that's keeping you from doing your real job! Contract with Pro-Admin Office Solutions TODAY!




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