Odin Game Studio

Odin Game Studio is an independent game development company in Brazil. We already developed four games shipped on Steam and more than 30 advergames in the past.

We worked so far with "work-for-hire" and outsourcing, but also developed our own game ideas with Publishers. Our keyword is passion, together with a strong team and desire to be one of the biggest developers in Latin America. We have many game pitches, some working demos / prototypes (PC, Consoles and/or mobile) and a strong team.

In 2016, Odin is focusing in quality and the goal is to make the next step: create better and bigger games (casual or hardcore). We have great partners and a great team.

- We want to show you our game pitches / prototypes.
- We can work on your ideas
- We can do outsourcing
- We are always looking for partners, publishing and funding opportunities.

Web site: http://www.odingamestudio.com.br/

Teaser trailer from our last game, Aerea, showcased in Brasil Game Show 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1pg0-TlPlQ

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