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Since its establishment in 1995, Crystal has been helping its clients to achieve their goals by applying 3D visualization technology to creative solutions. Thanks to the technology and dedication of the staff, Crystal has now entered into a new era and expanded into such sectors as digital entertainment, culture and education.

Crystal now employs over 2,200 young and creative employees. As many as 5,000 students graduate from Crystal's training school each year, representing a big source of talents for the Company’s development. The eight years of cooperation with the Olympics has been a major contributor to the company's rapid and great growth.

Crystal has been better and better recognized ever since its birth in 1995, producing a series of high-quality works, including:
300 episodes 'Olympic ABC' (with China Central TV);
100 episodes 'Fuwa animation' (with Beijing TV);
as well as other documentaries, including 'Imperial Palace', 'New Silk Road', 'Rise of Nations' etc.

Recently, Crystal has contributed CG scenes for the famous Chinese movie ‘Red Cliff’ directed by Mr. John Woo.

Mr. Lu, President of Crystal, states that, it is the Company’s great honor to make its due contribution to the country by serving as the official CG provider for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This shows BOCOG ’ s recognition of Crystal’s big influence in China as well as its advanced and high-quality production. Bearing in mind a strong belief of constantly pursuing excellence, Crystal will continue to strive for its leading position in the CG industry, by improving both the technology and service, and following higher standards.

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