eBo ChangYou Ltd.

eBo ChangYou Ltd. is one of the leading producers and operators of social games and apps in China.

Before the company was set up in 2009, the company's core group had already started designing social games, and after it was founded, it was able to turn one of those designs into a successful social game: "Happy Pigs", which became popular worldwide.

Currently, the company's products are seen and played around the globe with 5 social games currently in operation as well as a few apps in the iTunes store, via it's apple application development branch called eBo Online Entertainment.

Counting from the end of June 2011, the company now has over 110 employees, being able to independently plan, operate, design, port, program, run data analysis, do overseas market exploration and develop our own games, including providing customer service, among other services.

Our Target: To Become a top end social media game and mobile/smart device App producer in Asia within
the next three years.




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Privately Held

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