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Honest Mom Nutrition was founded by two registered dietitians on a mission to help moms navigate the ever-changing world of nutrition. Guided by dietetic standards and practical knowledge, Modern Mom Nutrition provides expert advice and real-life tips on a variety of topics ranging from making baby food to mommy weight loss and everything in between. By separating nutrition fact from fiction, Modern Mom Nutrition helps make raising a healthy family fun and stress free.

Nutrition Instruction
The best way to simplify nutrition is to talk through it. Classes are available for small and large groups are structured to fit your group’s unique needs:
• Popular topics include ‘Feeding Through the First Year of Life’, ‘Toddler Nutrition’, and ‘Weight Loss for Moms’, and seminars can be custom made upon request
• Content can be geared towards the general public or towards clinicians
• All discussions are lead by a registered dietitian
Nutrition Consultation
Some moms benefit from talking one on one. Similarly, some organizations need structured guidance. Private consultation services are available:
• Popular topics include healthful eating, and menu design and implementation, and corporate wellness

Online Resource
Honestmomnutrition.com houses information ranging from just the basics to the hottest topics in nutrition. Content is frequently refreshed and well organized to make sure moms can quickly find what is most relevant to their needs.

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