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With more than 20 years industry experience, and an unswerving commitment to both its clients and the candidates we engage, Hire Selection’s recruitment experts have successfully filled positions at organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Built on its Return on Investment in Relationship (RoIR) model, HS believes its candidates are its main differentiator and most significant competitive advantage. Unlike typical agencies that are so focused on new clients they overlook current clients, Hire Selection always makes existing clients its primary focus.
Hire Selection’s innovative Personalized Recruitment Process (PRP) enables its team to completely understand the needs of each individual client – making it possible to exactly match the personality and skill set of the client to a specific position.

Hire Selection also collaborates with new clients to learn unique hiring practices and recruitment plans. Its team then proactively builds a network of prequalified prospects that can fulfill both present and future hiring requirements.

And should a partner face a hiring emergency, such as a staff member leaving unexpectedly, HS not only utilizes all the conventional recruitment tools – such as job board sites and social media – but can also call on its network of prequalified prospects to quickly provide an ideal replacement.

Everybody wins. Clients get ideal new hires. Candidates get the job they always wanted. Hire Selection. Recruitment Evolved.

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