Mrs. T's Big Buns

On Christmas morning in 1963 Kathy unpacked a brand new Easy Bake oven and went right to work.

She practiced all the recipes in the book and every Saturday afternoon made a special delivery to the boy down the street.

Her ambitions didn't go unnoticed, her very well organized mother recognized her talent and appointed her to Meyers Family Pastry Chef. She started by planning menus, creating shopping lists and making trips to the market with her red wagon in tow.

Cinnamon rolls were by far her favorite things to make and in her early teen years she perfected the Mrs. T's Bigbuns Signature Cinnamon Roll. Before long she was stocked in the cases of Seattle's best coffee shops.

These days Kathy's making her runs in College Station, Texas. In addition to the cinnamon rolls, she's making pecan praline, orange cream and chocolate chip so call today and order up a piece of history!

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