Aircraft Performance Group, Inc

Aircraft Performance Group, Inc (APG) provides flight planning, runway analysis and weight and balance to the aviation industry. Our services include:

APG Enterprise Solutions

iPreFlight Enterprise provides greater efficiency, automation, and data management capabilities for those organizations with larger fleets. The iPreFlight Enterprise version integrates with your in-house systems via APG’s software portal to receive automatically generated Flight Books for each flight. This software is designed to take advantage of flight-related information already resident in your internal support applications and programs such as flight numbers, aircraft type, city pairs, crew assignments, planned passengers, and fuel loads.

iPreFlight (Available on iPad)

iPreFlight is the ultimate solution for operators who want to access the largest toolkit. Leveraging the computing power of the iPad, APG’s iPreFlight app allows operators to achieve accurate payload estimates without the need for Internet connectivity. Use the Maximum Payload Estimator (MPE) tool to determine maximum payloads given a combination of specific temperatures from the departure and arrival airports.

APG WB (Available on iPhone and web)

You do not have to be a major international carrier to get sophisticated Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance calculations. We created the APG WB app to run on the iPhone for pilots who desire something smaller to generate a complete package of consolidated Runway Analysis, Weight & Balance, weather, and NOTAM data.

ATLAS (Available on the Web)

ATLAS, APG’s original system for calculating takeoff and landing data, provides analyses of the performance capabilities for a particular aircraft at a given airport. ATLAS customers order online reports via an APG account. Our custom-developed software runs the analyses in real-time and immediately displays the data online or sends it via email.

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