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As a fashion-dedicated initiative, we delivers a wide and rich overview on the rapidly changing world of fashion through a profound and technical vision and expertise. Amsterdam Fashion Tv has a good grasp of a brand’s unique value with a thorough consideration of the cultural environment. It carries the understanding that every brand can have a different appeal and its own different target, representing a different symbol or status in relation to the culture of where the brand is hosted – an obvious factor, which is not always considered.
As a part of I.F.N., AmsterdamFTV represents one of the only international 24/7 TV networks exclusively dedicated to glamour, fashion and lifestyle and sets the highest standard for excellence. With over 240 hours of new programming each month, AmsterdamFTV provides the most comprehensive and fastest review of fashion ever. The audience community of AmsterdamFTV is considered the most luxurious and fashion-oriented target group among all media consumers.
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