Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co.

At Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Company, the exclusive authorized worldwide distributor of Intercept Technology(TM) for the silver and jewelry industries, our business is protecting the assets of yours. Our products utilize State of the Art Corrosion Intercept® and Static Intercept®, Lucent Technologies patented polymers that react with and permanently neutralize atmospheric gasses that cause tarnishing of metals.

Corrosion Intercept® and Static Intercept® provide clean, non-abrasive, non toxic, environmentally friendly tarnish protection for up to 30 years. Intercept does not contain charcoals, oils, or volatile corrosion inhibitors, does not leave deposits on items it protects, is temperature and humidity independent, and breaks down to a polymer dust in a landfill.

NASA, The British Royal Mint, The Guggenheim Museum, Raytheon, and jewelry manufacturers worldwide trust Intercept Technology(TM) anti-tarnish products and so will you for all of your jewelry, silver, and precious metals.

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