SAUDI PETRO GAS COMPANY which is a 100 % Saudi owned organization founded during the year 1997. SAUDI PETRO GAS COMPANYis engaged in diverse business activities. However, core business activities lie in the sales and services of OIL, GAS & Chemical product.
SAUDI PETRO GAS COMPANYare one of the leading contracting companies engaged in the supply and services of OIL, GAS & Chemical Products and services to Customers such as Saudi Aramco, AGOC and etc in Saudi Arabia.
It have been supplying Casings, Tubing, Tree, Wellhead Equipment to Saudi Aramco since inception of our company.

SAUDI PETRO GAS COMPANY represent some of world's famous foreign companies as an exclusive agent in Saudi Arabia. The organizations that have partnered with Saudi Petro Gas Company on Joint Venture partnership or Representation basis are groups of international acclaim, from geographical regions which include United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Europe and Asia.

SAUDI PETRO GAS COMPANY are regularly looking for potential foreign companies in the business of sales & services of products related with OIL, GAS, Petrochemical, Power Plants & Refineries and interested in expanding business in Saudi Arabia by establishing business relationship with us on mutual benefit.

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