Helbraun Levey & O'Donoghue LLP

Helbraun, Levey & O'donoghue LLP, is a full-service law firm focused on the legal and licensing needs of New York's bar and restaurant industry. From start-ups to star chefs, we will help you develop, grow and succeed with our extensive industry knowledge and client-driven, individualized approach to legal representation.

David Helbraun is the firm's managing partner and leads the transactional and leasing practice. He is a former café owner with over 25 years of experience in the restaurant and bar industry. He worked his way up from busboy to owner and operated his own successful coffee and café company in Manhattan. He has worked for himself for most of his adult life.

Joseph Levey leads the licensing practice. grew up in an entrepreneurial family. His father has owned and operated Whitey's Hardware in Manhattan , a store that is regarded as an institution within the industry. Through working at the family business, he achieved a great understanding of the retail industry an appreciation of the value of customer service and hard work.

Kevin Sean O'Donoghue leads the litigation practice. He worked in many bars and restaurants in New York and elsewhere in a variety of positions, while working as a journalist, writer, teacher and other positions, prior to attending law school and working as a paralegal and clerk for four years.

The firm welcomes all entrepreneurs as clients and is dedicated to a high level of customer service in addition to quality legal representation.




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