Direct Create

Direct Create (DC) is a unique online and offline community that allows Makers, Designers and Buyers to connect, collaborate and co-create products designed to meet specific needs. We bring together makers, designers and buyers so they can curate, customize or create handcrafted products, drawing on traditional skills, local materials combining the old and new ways of manufacturing. We look at taking the best of our makers, designers and their products to market using the DC online marketplace as well as other select marketplaces, pop up markets in India and across the world as well as through other retail outlets.

DC is led by Rajeev and Sheela Lunkad who are trained architects and crafts enthusiasts and bring over two decades of professional expertise of working with exemplary craftspeople, designers and buyers. They understand the industry pain points, why the traditional 'maker'‚Äč has been left out in the new age maker- community, and how unlocking this clot in the consumption pipeline can open a whole new way of consumption that is sustainable and makes for profitable commerce.

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