is a platform which gives students access to a gamut of opportunities. The opportunities range from internships in diverse roles to scholarships, conferences and other student competitions and events around the world. Twenty19 exists to educate and enable students to take more initiatives. At Twenty19 we firmly believe that the real learning for a student lies beyond the four walls of a classroom. Students can gain meaningful knowledge and skills only when they take initiatives and get hands on experience in the real world. Though this platform, twenty19 enables students to equip themselves better to pursue their dream career.

On our culture and the impact that we makeā€¦

At twenty19 we create products and processes which make a real impact on real people, everyday. We are able to see how our everyday work directly translates into the tangible impact that we make on the educational system. This is what inspires us and this is what we are driven by - The potential to bring about a real change.

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