Red Pearl Logistics LLC

At Red Pearl Logistics, we have a proud history and a promising future. We have a clear sense of why we exist, where we are heading, and how we are going to get there. Our goal is to create sustainable growth by being one of the most trusted companies; to do that, our staff are experts at what they do, they are trained to focus on the smallest details in every transaction, and to treat every customer as their only customer.

We have a long standing tradition of operating with integrity and we aspire to be Dubai's most trusted company. We expect each of our team members to perform in a manner that maintain the trust and confidence of our customers.

Red Pearl Transport, our sister concern company, is equipped with 13 GPS Fitted, Heavy Duty Trucks with carrying capacities of over 60 MT, to transport your containers to and from your warehouse or any other specified location.

Red Pearl Logistics clears Customs documents using Mersal-2 which usually takes no longer than a minute for approval (foodstuff, duty exempted cargo, special shipments excluded) allowing us to clear your container and deliver it to your warehouse at the earliest.

Additionally, we work with many shipping lines to give you the best deal on export container rates for your shipments round the world. With all services under one roof, Red Pearl Logistics can offer you an efficient, cost-effective and swift solution to your logistics needs.

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