Folkhälsan is a Swedish-speaking NGO in the social welfare and health care sector in Finland. It carries out scientific research and provides social welfare and health care services as well as information and counselling in order to promote health and quality of life.

Folkhälsan was founded in 1921, and has combined scientific research and practical health promotion right from the start.

Folkhälsan consists of regional and local associations and non-profit limited companies and foundations. Our headquarters are in Helsinki.

Folkhälsan is a large organisation with approximately 1,500 employees. The number of members in its local association has gradually grown and was 18,454 as of 31 December 2015. In April 2016, the number of the organisation’s companies was reduced to three, as Folkhälsan Syd Ab (southern Finland) and Folkhälsan Botnia Ab (in Ostrobothnia) merged to form Folkhälsan Välfärd Ab, which has just over 800 employees. Folkhälsans Allaktivitetshus på Åland Ab takes care of service provision in Åland. Folkhälsan Utbildning Ab is in charge of education at Norrvalla, in Vörå, and Solvalla, in Espoo, and also has handled the Sveps workshop (in Helsinki) and Resource Centre Föregångarna (in Vaasa) since August 2015.




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