Bringing In Baby

Hypnotherapy To Help You Conceive

Using a safe, natural state of aware, deep relaxation, called Hypnosis, we are able to open to and explore what is going on in your subconscious mind, and help release feelings, thoughts or beliefs that may be preventing you from conceiving or carrying a pregnancy successfully to term.

Hypnosis is a state of focused, restful awareness. We are in similar states, naturally, many times throughout the day. Some call this being very relaxed, or spaced out, or peacefully focused. Like when you’re daydreaming, or watching a movie, or engrossed in a book, or driving on autopilot.

Throughout the process of hypnosis, you remain aware and in complete control, and are able later to remember everything that occurred. You are able to more easily drop your guard and be receptive to positive suggestions, as well as release old, unhelpful patterns of feeling and belief.

Using guided imagery, you can also learn to invite your body to be more relaxed and receptive during love-making, as well as help create a healthy, receptive internal state, emotionally, physically and spiritually, wherein a fetus can thrive.

Thus, your relationship with your child begins even before conception. Creating a loving state of positive expectancy, and opening yourself, peacefully and joyfully, to bringing in baby.

For decades, I have been helping women prepare for pregnancy, and bond with their babies prior to birth. While I cannot guarantee specific results, I have found this process beautiful and mysterious, and it has successfully helped women conceive and carry a pregnancy to term, who’d previously been unable to do so. This work is available in person, or over the phone


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