For nearly 50 years, FotoKem Film and Video has provided filmmakers with the industry's most innovative technology and post-production services from its flagship campus located in Burbank, California. That tradition has now extended into Central/Eastern Europe with the recent opening of FotoKem/Budapest. Situated within the new 52-acre Raleigh Studios complex, the brand new facility - outfitted with the latest in cutting edge post-production technology - provides host services not available anywhere else in the region and is directly tied into FotoKem’s California based operations affording productions tremendous flexibility and economies. In addition to the same unwavering support that has become synonymous with the FotoKem name, clients are offered a full menu of services for feature films, television and commercial projects. Services provided by FotoKem/Budapest allow productions to qualify their post production work under Hungary’s 25% production tax incentive.

Other features include a high-speed dedicated network with expandable bandwidth that can transport projects - no matter what size - rapidly to any location in the world. Regardless, of whether you require remote color correction or studio approval, we have developed work-flows that will satisfy your most demanding production needs. In addition, two large screening rooms - capable of 35mm, 2K/4K data and video projection are available for cast, crew, and special engagements.

Services provided include, but are not limited to:

* 2K/4K Digital Intermediate work-flows including editorial, color grading, film-outs and archiving.
* File-based dailies for all budget levels and acquisition types.
* Editing, Duplication, D-Cinema, 2K/4K Scanning, Film Recording.
* Simple graphics to advanced compositing, replacements and restoration.
* 16/35mm negative processing, printing and preservation.
* Edit Rentals, Global Data Delivery

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