Hunt Automotive Electronics

• Originally was involved in installation of three Dell 4600 servers with PERC 3/Di controllers running Windows 2000 server. Having since migrated to Windows 2003 SBS. Network consists of 3 Dell 4600 servers: exchange server, file - print server/DHCP/Active Directory, and Application server w/ Microsoft SQL server 2005. All servers running windows 2003 SBS. Installed and configured networked copying machines/printers. LAN has 50 clients with Windows XP professional.
• Responsible for tape back-ups using Symantec Netbackup and maintaining processes for minimal downtime. This includes raid5 disk arrays for fault tolerance and ghosting client machines. My duties also included the creation and deletion of user accounts and GPO’s. Developed security schema for all servers and client machines. This included all account policies- password lockout settings, password complexity, and security templates for all


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