ecomnet enterprise


1. Supply & installation of PC replacement parts such as hard disks, floppy disk drives, optical drives, motherboard & Pentium CPUs, RAM, power supply etc.

2. Supply of Personal Computers ( workstations ) and Computer Servers ( any brands ).

3. Supply of computer peripherals such as printers ( dot matrix, laserjet and
inkjet ) scanners, mouse, UPS, AVR, Network Cards etc.

4. Installation, registration and commissioning of LINUX REDHAT, INTERNET and MULTIMEDIAandrelated services.

5. Networking / LAN ( cabling ) Installation and maintenance.

6. Servicing, repairing, upgrading and maintenance of PC, printers, and related equipments. ( On call basis / ad-hoc or schedule maintenance contracts ).

7. Computer Training and Web Group and Learning Care Reseller.

8. Computer consultation services.

9. Package products QuickUse & Biztrak Accounting software services .

10. Supply computer & printer consumables such as storage diskettes, tape cartridges, printer ribbons, toner cartridges, ink cartridge, papers, transparencies and etc.

11. Computer Aided Design – Supply of plotters, digitizers and other plotter accessories, AutoCAD Training and drawing conversion services from manual drawn to electronics format and other related services.

12. Electronics Office Automation and Communication


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Self Owned

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