Eidgenössische Finanzmarktaufsicht FINMA

FINMA is Switzerland’s independent financial-markets regulator. Its mandate is to supervise banks, insurance companies, exchanges, securities dealers, collective investment schemes, and their asset managers and fund management companies. It also regulates distributors and insurance intermediaries. It is charged with protecting creditors, investors and policyholders. FINMA is responsible for ensuring that Switzerland’s financial markets function effectively.

FINMA’s primary objective in supervising Swiss financial markets is to ensure that they function properly and that all clients of financial institutions are protected against their insolvency. It is tasked with issuing authorisation, supervising licence holders and, where necessary, enforcing supervisory law, be this in connection with supervised institutions or unauthorised companies and individuals. FINMA also issues its own regulations where it is authorised to do so.

At FINMA, lawyers, economists, mathematicians, auditors, actuaries, accounting experts, investment specialists and experts performing various cross-divisional tasks work hard to protect creditors, investors and policyholders in Switzerland.

Would you also like to join FINMA and work in financial market supervision? FINMA offers roles for experienced professionals and entry-level interships in a variety of areas across its core tasks.




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