Tutored Talent

Since 2007, Tutored Talent has offered one-on-one and small group educational services, including home schooling, tutoring, back to school preparation, vacation tutoring, test preparation, educational therapy, and educational evaluation. Tutored Talent is headed by Karin Diskin, Ph.D., a respected educator with over 30 years of teaching experience.

At Tutored Talent, we help students perform at their best level -- our goal is to build life-long learners and engage students' intellectual curiosity. Each student has talent. We help tap that talent to benefit the student's learning.

Our aim is to increase a student's self-confidence so that they can meet their academic demands -- and enjoy the challenge! We want students to perform well, develop their skills, and strengthen their belief in themselves. With this solid foundation, we help students use their own unique talents to support their learning, so that they can excel academically. Tutored Talent takes into account the personal needs, interests, and personality of each of our students, and develops highly individualized programs to meet each student's academic requirements.




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