Choosing My Career

Do you want help finding and planning for a career?
You have come to the right place!

Choosing My Career has done the hard work for you. We have created several guides based on potential careers you may want to explore. This will help you find and plan for the right career for you.

Don't spend time on a ton of websites trying to figure this out on your own. We have done that for you! There is a wealth of information, all compiled here, in easy to access Choosing My Career PDF files.

Choosing My Career provides a guide for students and parents to prepare for college and beyond. Working with your guidance counselor using this guide will make your career and school planning easy! There is detailed information about careers in law, architecture careers, business, marketing and finance careers, medical careers, engineering, environmental studies, how to be a nurse, psychologist, a teaching career and more.

You will find information on what courses to take from 8th Grade through High School. We provide a guide on choosing and funding a college education, including types of financial aid, FAFSA, how to apply for financial aid, and Title IV programs. Choosing My Career PDFs are the only source of information you need to make your plan for a successful career.




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