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JADE Italia is the Italian Confederation of Junior Enterprises.
Our aim is to represent and promote Junior Enterprises’ values such as professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, promoting the very concept of Junior Enterprise in the market, with institutions and universities, and to offer facilities to the associations that belong to the network.
In Italy there are today 10 Junior Enterprises in 10 Italian universities, and new Juniors are about to be founded. Working with JADE Italy, or being one of our partners, means getting in contact with a constantly growing and improving reality.
These characteristics represent a great opportunities for students that are willing to create a Junior Enterprise: to them, JADE Italy provides support and guidance.
Moreover, working with the confederation brings numerous advantages also to those companies willing to benefit from the services offered by the Junior Enterprises, or that wish to expand and promote their brand in the Italian market and abroad.
JADE Italy is also a member or JADE, the European confederation of Junior Enterprises, represented in 14 countries with more than 280 associations, totaling more than 22.000 students from the best universities.
The Junior Enterprise is an extraordinary reality: it is made of talented young students, selected on the basis of their motivation, skills and potential. It is this very potential to be turned into reality by working in the JE: professionalism, motivation, ambition, sense of responsibility, ability to handle complex situations, team working, hard and soft skills.
Students belonging to this network are able to keep together the commitment for their studies and the work in the Junior Enterprise: they are excellent students, motivated and professional. Companies that get in contact with them can enjoy working with brilliant young people, offering high quality services at competitive prices.
Our aim is to promote and share this values in the country at any level.

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