Govt Post Graduate College Mandian Abbottabad

The Govt Post Graduate College Mandian Abbottabad is a renown prestigious educational institution located in Hazara Region. Having made a humble start in a rented building at Kakul Road in 1990, with the view that to release pressure on GPGC Abbottabad. It was shifted to its present Campus in 1991 where it progressed by Leaps and bounds managing eventually to attain the cove-table status of prestigious seat of Higher learning by its up-gradation from degree to Post graduate level in year 1999 when MSc Computer Science classes were inaugurated. From last few years the college fulfill all characteristics of an institution of Higher Education. It offers several academic and professional Degree Programs now. Most well known of which are BS(CS), BS(IT), BS(Bio-informatics), BS(Zoology), BS(IR) and MSc Computer Science. Other programs include FA/ FSc, BA/BSc. Besides this New programs are expected to start by next year as well. The student-friendly environment of campus continuously attracted more and more students to college.!

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