Sparkk Online Television Network

Sparkk (formerly VBCtv) is an Original, Online, On-Demand Television Network. Sparkk hosts over 100 original made for internet TV series, current and classic in it's library from a multitude of Shows Creators. Sparkk launched in 2005 (as VBCtv) as a fan-fiction website and over the next 3 years involved into a Web Entertainment Network, becoming the first online TV Network to host fan-fiction (known as scripted series or prose depending on type), mixing it with audio & video web-series.

In the latter years VBCtv became more of a Video only TV Network, but still remembers it's roots. It's first video webseries was both "Orange Juice In Bishop's Garden" & Oh,Inverted World". Of those two original first webseries on VBCtv, only one remains on the network to this day on Sparkk.

Sparkk looks to continue to grow with new series coming to the network 3 times a year (Fall Season, Winter Season & Summer Season). Sparkk carries a tradition of airing shows in primetime at a timeslot. Sparkk tries to keep a format of that of network TV and in 2014 recently launched Android & Chrome OS apps.

Sparkk's goal is to change the way we watch TV online and make Online TV into an everyday popular routine like TV is still. Sparkk believes in the commercial free approach and will continue to offer high-quality online programming, commercial free and on-demand.




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