is a website catering exclusively to bank officers working in the area of advances. It is also useful to bankers who are interested in the area of balance sheet analysis and also to students/ general public interested in this subject. The website contains various useful resources such as articles, posts, discussions, excerpts from book and video lectures.

We aim to empower credit and advances officers / credit analysts / financial analysts working in banking industry by providing knowledge on credit appraisal, balance sheet analysis, financial analysis, ratio analysis, term loan appraisal, working capital assessment

(i) A 752 page book and (ii) 77 videos totaling 43 hours on credit appraisal define us

The book provides exhaustive coverage to the field of credit appraisal. Credit appraisal pertains to assessing the requirements of fund and non-fund credit limits to borrowers of banks. To ascertain the quantum of limit and to have a structured process for sanction of credit facilities, banks employ what is known as credit appraisal. This book contains all aspects relating to the process of credit appraisal starting from basics to advanced topics. The topics covered include accounting basics, CMA data, Profit and Loss account, Balance sheet, Term loan appraisal, Working capital assessment, Non-fund limits, credit concepts, checklist and comprehensive case studies.

The video lectures are an extension of the book “Balance sheet analysis and credit appraisal for bankers”. The entire content in the book is explained though video mode in the lecture series.




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