Very Long Media

Very Long Media is a Multidisciplinary Creative Agency that produces both original content and commissioned work in the Visual Arts, including photography, documentary film production & post-production, and graphic & motion design.

We are interested in the world of childhood because it is the point in everybody's life where:

imagination is fertile,
curiosity is prolific,
and the line between magic and reality is invisible.

Then you grow up.

We want to help fill the world with a little more magic;
a little more joy,
a little giant reminder to delight in the trivial and the mundane.

We create and capture Art and Stories in a variety of mediums, including

graphic design.

We help others, from lone artists,
to educational institutions,
to small businesses find their
unique attributes and share
them with the world.

Our goals are tiny: we want to make the universe happier and bring a little warmth to a digital world.




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Privately Held

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