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Onyx Database is a modular collection of Java libraries. It is platform independent and requires no installation. It's great for caching or a using as a full database implementation with a single light weight library. Simply create entity schema declarations similar to JPA, and interact with them as you would any other POJO. Those entities can be persisted to disk and even sent over the network to a Remote Onyx Database Server.

Onyx Database is easy to learn, intuitive, and enables you to create object oriented and relational data on the fly. It is flexible and can be used in a remote, embedded or clustered environment with very little configuration changes. It's is extremely fast with persisting, fetching, and retrieving data. It is more flexible than traditional NoSQL databases and has the ability process robust queries. Onyx Database performs extremely well with large datasets (measured in petabytes), even with unoptimized search criteria using non-indexed fields. Onyx Database has been extensively tested for stability and performance. Check out our Integration and Benchmark Tests There about 300 integration tests to date.

Other features include:

Built-in Lazy loading, and Lazy querying.
High throughput and thread safe concurrency.
Built-in life-cycle events such as onPersist, OnCreate and so on.
Distributed caching, Distributed Locking, Distributed Atomic Variables, and Distributed File System Management
Remote RESTful Web Service API that can be accessed from any language with JSON.

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