DATA, especially data acquired through survey and research, are the most valued things in the 21st century.

Monetware, an expert on data collection, statistics and analysis, focus on data solutions for social and market research industries.

Main products include:
(1) Ring Data Collection Platform
a data collection platform based on structured questionnaires and sampling theory.
- Ring CATI (computer-assisted telephone interview)
- Ring CAPI (computer-assisted personal interview)
- Ring CAWI (computer-assisted web interview)

(2) Ring Data Statistics Platform
a data statistics and analysis platform based on database and R technologies.

(3) Ring BigResearch Platform
a text extracting and analyzing platform based on big data technologies.
- Ring BigResearch Extractor: an text extractor from weibo, twitter, seach engine, and news feeds.
- Ring BigResearch TextAnalyzer: an text analyzer based on hadoop and NLP technologies.

(4) professional online survey services




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