Doodle Pictures Studio LLC

Since 2007, Doodle Pictures has specialized in creating awesome art and animation across a vast array of media. We have the talent to make imagination come to life through ink, paper drawings, story boards, 3D animations and images, and game/app development. We work with major clients including LEGO and Scholastic, and our doors are wide open to new opportunities. Working with high-visibility clients like these has only helped to build our level of ambition as a studio.
Thanks to a larger team of dedicated professionals, both in-house and at remote locations, Doodle Pictures is able to expand at a moment’s notice to handle larger and more varied projects. Our greater network includes artists, animators, programmers, web designers, and independent developers, all with stellar artistic pedigrees. Each team member brings his or her individual expertise to the drawing board, culminating in the perfect storm of artistic integrity. Our artists' experiences run the gamut from AAA game titles like the Call of Duty franchise and CivCity, all the way to TV and the big screen with Terra Nova and Snow White and the Huntsman. Despite our many varied backgrounds, we are unified in our commitment to producing excellent work to meet our clients' high standards of quality.

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