LDA Research Ltd.,

Organising fieldwork in several locations can be a timely process for market research agencies. LDA Research can offer you a ‘one stop shop’ where all your fieldwork can be organised through one source.

Through their network of assocates LDA are able to provide qualitative fieldwork services, including recruitment, teledepth interviews, IDI’s, group facilitation and web based research as well as analysis and report writing. All the associates that LDA work with have a specialist background in working within the medical / healthcare sector.

We can manage all your international fieldwork from one location saving you a lot of time and effort …and because we only work with experienced consultants the quality of work we deliver is very high.

By working with a network of independents LDA can offer:

a cost effective solution which avoids project management fees from multiple agencies and also ensures that only the most experienced people work on your projects.
because we work with such experienced consultants we are also able to go that step further and offer a full service from beginning to end of your project not just recruitment and interviewing,
and we are able to work flexibly with more innovative research methodologies that require a bit more skill from the researcher.
We are also great at accessing groups that are difficult to recruit

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