is a Market Research and Statistical Analysis Consultancy. We help businesses and academics from all over the world to maximize the amount of useful information that is extracted from the data they have.

We do quantitative market research, statistical analysis and consulting for academic research, including dissertations, as well as for applied market research. We use advanced statistical and data mining methods in order to identify key drivers of loyalty and satisfaction, identify target groups and discover knowledge from texts (such as online reviews of your products and services).

We regularly do:
- full service online market research all over the world
- customer satisfaction studies
- advanced statistical analysis for market research (TURF, Conjoint, Price Sensitivity Measurement, Key Drivers of Satisfaction and Loyalty Analysis, Volumetric Concept/Product Testing, Price elasticity calculation from aggregate data, CRM Analytics).
- survey programming
- data processing
- text mining of online consumer reviews is a part of our statisical analysis business, dedicated to movie sales projections and market research.

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