STEALTH Software

Stealth Software was founded in Europe in January 2010 with the release of Version 1.0 of Stealth Content Store. Stealth Software, LLC was established in Phoenix, Arizona as the US headquarters.

At the Microsoft SharePoint conference in Las Vegas in March of 2014, Stealth Content Store release 5.0 and Stealth Extranet for SharePoint Version 2.0 were introduced to the market.

Stealth Content Store is a software only RBS (Remote BLOB Storage) solution that enhances the scalability, performance and security of Microsoft SharePoint while reducing cost, complexity and management overhead. Stealth Content Store has been architected from the “ground-up” to provide the next generation of RBS solutions to support Big Data and Cloud-ready security.

Stealth Extranet for SharePoint allows customers to collaborate with contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders without granting them access to the customer's SharePoint environment.




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