Dekoral Aluminium Inc.

Dekoral, to its customers, architecture and design of buildings and recommend the most appropriate systems and solutions. Thus, the applications Dekoral'in and economic, is both healthy and long life. Istenmemekte sacrifice on behalf of the project to be economic as well as the international standards of production and the building materials and location-sensitive and resistant to environmental conditions are made. Necessary, the building with business partners to produce custom solutions, and applies them to the test.

Dekoral since 1996, Europe's number one "Architectural Aluminum" system with Schüco International KG, the German company engaged in international business partnership. Dekoral this in cooperation with the Turkish construction sector, "BEST" is also easy access to the show. Dekoral of experienced technical staff and human resources, put forward by local and international markets and experience in performance, it is shown to the company's trust, the creator of the main contributors.

Dekoral us, it is perhaps safe and healthy living in this day binalarınızda, perhaps the highest point of a skyscraper, lift your head to see, perhaps you smiling When you get off the plane in a terminal, perhaps in a building in a foreign journey, we always stay with you in admiration.

Heartfelt thanks to our esteemed customers with us today.

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